We need your input on the Garbage “Issue”…


We recently learned that the county will not be providing Saturday trash service at Evergreen Volunteer Fire Department after Saturday, February 27th.  I do not know the rationale why, but fromrusty_metal_garbage_can_800_8394 what I have gathered, this was the decision of the Fire Department, not the county.  We, the BRMCA, met this morning with Scott MacDonald, the Recycling Program Manager from PWCs Solid Waste Division, in an effort to find a solution.  The BRMCA is offering up the lower lot (gravel staging area) or upper portion of the clubhouse parking area as Saturday trash pick-up locations.  Scott is in favor of investigating further, though there are multiple county steps to be worked through, along with ensuring a contract between the county and BRMCA does not put liability upon the BRMCA.  Please note, we are only in discussions with the county.  There is currently no agreement in place, there are many hurdles to overcome, and the county is investigating multiple alternatives to Evergreen Fire Department.

This service is not meant to replace trash pick-up for those who live along roads that receive trash and recycling services.  Rather, this county-provided service is designed for those who live along roads trash and recycling companies dare not attempt to drive.  Under this program, residents along ‘inaccessible’ roads are encouraged to bring their trash and recycling to a pick-up area.  Currently, Charlie & Sons provides this service through the county at a few locations, one of these being the Evergreen Volunteer Fire Department.  Currently, and every Saturday morning through February 27th, residents who do not receive trash service can drive their trash and recycling to Evergreen Volunteer Fire Department, where Charlie & Sons parks two trucks, one for trash and one for recycling.  Cars line up and when you pull up near the trucks, Charlie & Sons employees help you unload the trash and recycling from your car and they put this material into their trucks.

One concern the county expressed is, while moving the Saturday trash and recycling service to BRM will benefit the BRM residents who use this service, the move will make it more difficult for others who do not live on or near BRM.  Roughly 230 local residents use this service at the Fire Department every Saturday. The county is trying to gauge how many of the 230 live on BRM.  Please let us know if you use this service. We are not passing names to the county. Rather, we would like to provide the county with a very rough estimate. You are also encouraged to reach out directly to Scott at 703-79-6804 or smacdonald@pwcgov.org.

The county is investigating other locations and  hopes to find a resolution soon. We will send updates as events progress and please don’t hesitate to reach out to us or the county with comments and suggestions.

You can email us at board@brmca.net

Josh Weinstein
President, BRMCA