Vote against the Candland Road Committee plan

computer-petition-clipartThe Board of the Bull Run Mountain Civic Association has prepared the petition below in an attempt to continue the best possible roads maintenance and local resident input into the road maintenance and snow removal program.  Please sign the petition here and stay informed about the BRMCA Board’s commitment to our community.

County Supervisor Pete Candland is proposing a plan to institute a Prince William County-supervised roads committee, who will have control over special tax levy and the way in which it is spent on BRM road maintenance.

This petition seeks to convince Supervisor Candland that the residents of Bull Run Mountain oppose this plan. Why oppose this plan?

The Candland plan is being proposed to increase transparency and participation. The BRMCA is transparent. We can and will be more diligent with posting meeting notes and the roads worksheet to our website. Our monthly meetings are open to all residents, member or not. All residents who attend are in effect, participating in the roads committee.

Candland’s office concurred with the BRMCA assessment about the allocation of tax funds on road maintenance. The assessment shows that the BRMCA road maintenance recommendations to the county are spread evenly throughout our community and there is zero correlation between member houses and clusters of road work. Let the BRMCA continue to operate and provide local, no-cost representation of roads issues.

We recently paid off the original tar & chip loan and recommended to the county that our special tax levy be reduced to a level that allows for annual maintenance, snow plowing and the resurfacing of roughly 20-25% of our roads each year. The Candland plan of government intervention will add bureaucracy and with that, administrative costs. Can you recall an instance in the county, state, or federal government where increased intervention resulted in lower taxes?

Keep government oversight out of our community. Woodbridge is not as invested in our roads as your BRMCA. Keep our road decisions inside our community rather than in the hands of the government.