US Postal Service Alert

The supervisor at the Haymarket Post Office asks his message be delivered to residents of Bull Run Mountain. He is getting calls about mis-delivered mail and missing mail (packages).

If at anytime you have any misdelivery of mail issues, please call me the next day or same day if before 4pm. Please check your mail when you receive it and verify that it is your mail and if it is not call me so we can pick it up. It is a Federal Crime to open or throw away mail that does not have your name on it. The Postal Inspectors occasionally do plant false mail to deliver to see if the carrier or customers keep the mail, so please do not keep this mail.

If you see others messing with mailboxes that are not theirs call me so I can investigate. I am working to get this issue resolved and I need your help. Thank you for your assistance and your continued use of the United States Postal Service. Jim Ford 703-754-6108