Trash Talking…

It has come to the attention of the BRMCA Board that American Disposal will discontinue service to much if not all of our Bull Run Mountain neighborhood (see attached letter) by the end of June.   American cites issues with safety issues caused by unsuitable areas to turn around.  The Board has not been able to determine which streets are impacted.
In the meantime, we are aware of a couple of alternatives for trash disposal:
Trash and the usual recyclable materials are collected each Saturday at Evergreen firehouse from 7:00am until noon (free).
One of our neighbors found Justice Disposal, reported to be a young start-up company looking for business.  We offer no credentials but are informed they have been picking up on the mountain with smaller trucks. The cost is said to be $37.00 for three months. Their web site is  and their e-mail is Sam Justice at
Another option is Charlie & Sons.  This is their website.  They are reported to cost $22/month, they have been in operation for 40 years and currently serve parts of BRM.  Their pick-up for trash and recycling is once a week, Wednesdays.  They can be reached at 703-393-0707.
Please let the Board know of other alternative contractors and we can list them on our web site as well. (Use the contact form on the left tab)







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