This post would be different if we lived in Boston…


The BRMCA is coordinating with Public Works and the county contractor to treat the roads. We are recommending the county contractor plow where needed and spread a mixture of gravel and salt on all of the roads….and start soon after the last predicted burst of snow around 1-2am. 
Over the past couple of weeks, the county contractor added an additional roughly 50 gravel barrels. These new barrels were placed primarily at the high, mid, and low point, where existing barrels didn’t exist, along switchbacks and hills. We now have just over 100 gravel barrels along our roads and all were recently refilled with gravel. The roads are very treacherous right now. If you venture out, please bring a shovel and make use of the gravel barrels. 
Please let us know if there is a location that is in desperate need of a gravel barrel and we will recommend the barrel location to the county.