Thanks for your patience…

We would like to thank the residents who sent us feedback about sections of roadway that needed additional gravel and salt. Our Roads POC, Matt, along with Alan, worked closely with the Thank-You-for-your-Patience-300x205County Rep and County Contractor throughout the day and we passed all feedback to the county. The county extended the originally allotted four hours so that their contractor could complete the spreading of gravel and salt on our mountain roads and add additional gravel and salt on the resident identified areas.

We understand the frustrations that, despite plowing, our roads are covered in ice. I voice my frustrations quite loudly while white-knuckling a controlled slide down to Mountain Road. As we all know, living on BRM can often present challenges. A challenge is manifested when we drive on freshly fallen snow, compacting the snow into sheets of ice. Compounding this challenge is the fact that the county contractor cannot scrape the plow blade directly on the chipcoat surface, or risk destroying the road surface. I am by no means stating that we should all stay on (or off) the mountain roads until the plowing is complete. Personally, I cannot always work from home during storms and am often guilty of driving on freshly fallen snow…and thus making slicker conditions for those who drive after. Please just keep this challenge in mind, use the gravel barrels, and let us know if additional gravel and salt needs to be spread on a certain section of road, and continue with the feedback. The BRMCA and the County need this feedback to ensure the county contractor remediates all of the trouble areas and so that we can tweak our recommendations to the county during the next storm.

Josh Weinstein, BRMCA Board President