Snow Storm Coming!!

The weather forecasters are predicting the biggest snow storm that we’ve had in four years Wednesday night and Thursday morning.  Our snow plowing contractor is getting prepared, and will start plowing mountain roads once there is enough to effectively plow, and will continue until they are cleared.   He will also apply gravel and salt once the snow is cleared to necessary areas.
The BRMCA Roads Committee asks that all residents try and stay off mountain roads during the storm and snow removal activities.  They should stock up Wednesday on food and water and other essentials if they aren’t prepared to go a day or so without access to a vehicle and can’t make it off the mountain.
The roads will be very slippery and treacherous and we urge residents to take the appropriate actions if they have to drive on the roads.  They should have tire chains mounted, carry a shovel, and drive very carefully and defensively.  Over the several smaller storms we’ve had this winter, we’ve heard of and seen multiple cars in the ditches, multiple car-to-car crashes, and the traffic on the roads has ended up packing the snow down before we could plow it, making the aftermath even icier.
Please stay safe during this storm, and if you absolutely don’t have drive anywhere, don’t.
Glenn Cruickshank
President, BRMCA