Save the Roads…

It's no surprise to those living on the mountain that we have narrow, steep roads that are built and suitable for light vehicle traffic only. That's why the BRMCA restricts the size of vehicles on the mountain. Trucks, like big dump trucks or large moving vans, are restricted to a maximum of three axles and trailers are restricted to a maximum of two axles. These restrictions are posted on signs at the beginning of each BRMCA-owned road.

We have recent and on-going problems with contractors on the mountain with too-large vehicles damaging the road surface. When they do this and we can't hold them responsible for repairing the damage they cause, all residents suffer.

If you are a resident of the mountain and are planning to have a contractor do work on your property and the contractor will need to use large trucks to bring equipment or supplies, please make them aware of the road restrictions BEFORE they show up on the mountain to work. Because the roads are private, operators who violate the road restrictions can be charged with trespass, and be liable for any damage they cause to the roads.

Thank you for your support.

Glenn Cruickshank