The link below goes to the Prince William County Public Works Department.  The site gives and overview of the Service Districts including the BRM Service District and outlines the purpose and responsibilities of the district.  

The Public Works website includes contact information to report road issues directly to the county. We encourage residents to contact the county or send their road concerns to the BRM Roads Committee, who will interface with the county and serve as advocates until your road concern is resolved.

There is also contact information on this site, as many Bull Run Mountain residents have chosen not to join the Bull Run Mountain Civic Association and may not be on our contact list.  BRMCA has a very active Road maintenance committee and works closely with the County Public Works Department to maintain the non-VDOT roads and manage the snow removal process.

Please join our mailing list and join the Bull Run Mountain Civic Association (BRMCA) by clicking the Contact tab and Join link on this page.


Click here to follow the on-going discussion about the BRMCA Roads