Roads Update…

Fellow residents,

The BRMCA recently met with our roads Project Manager from PW County’s Office of Public Works. The county took all of our road maintenance recommendations into consideration, which we sent last month, and evaluated these in context with their routine road maintenance projects and concerns sent directly from residents.outbound-and-inbound-marketing-working-together

Our road maintenance budget for the next government fiscal year, starting in early July, remains roughly the same as last year. As the board has promised, we are working with the county to reduce the overall special district tax rate.  The 2016 rate will be 13.7 mils, which is down from 20.5 mills in 2014.​ ​This decrease offsets the increase in value of our land and structures, as reflected in the property assessments we all received in January. The BRMCA would like to thank Supervisor Candland for opting to reduce the levy to offset the higher assessment.

The remaining road maintenance funds from this fiscal year and a portion of next fiscal year’s funds will be used to finish some long overdue resurfacing. By the end of the summer, all BRMCA roads will have been resurfaced within the past two years. We are in agreement with the county with respect to the further tax levy reductions while continuing a responsible maintenance approach.​ Continued resurfacing of roughly 20-25% of the roads each year will not necessitate the same funding level and this lower funding need should be reflected by a lower tax levy and resultant tax bills.
Within the next couple of week​s (early May), the county is planning to resurface Summit (to Warburton), Tiffany, Quaker, North and South Lookout, Martin Terrace, and Rodgers.
​By the end of the summer, Public Works is planning to resurface Warburton (including the turn-around), all sections of Jackson, Raymond Place, and Duffey.

All concerns sent to the BRMCA have been forwarded to Public Works. These projects, along with the routine pothole, road edge, and ditch/culvert cleaning should be completed in May.
Many have commented that the material used to fill potholes deforms easily. The county opted to use this material during cold weather repairs as asphalt is more difficult to apply on cold road surfaces. 040214_DurToon_PotholesRGB_WEB___ContentWinter is over so the county will be using asphalt to fill potholes, which should provide a less malleable surface.

Please reach out to the board with any questions or concerns and please consider joining us on May 20 at 8pm at the clubhouse for our monthly meeting. Our discussion will focus on the new Road Committee Charter and improvements to our clubhouse.