Road plans (including guardrails) posted…

strategy_blueprint_798x455As we crawl out of our Winter issues, we all look forward to the beauty of the mountain when the trees leaf out, the flowers bloom and the dandelions cover what little lawns we have.

The BRMCA Board has not been hibernating.  In addition to the nearly completed renovation of the jewel we call “The Clubhouse” the Board has been working tirelessly on the 2015-2016 strategic plans for road maintenance and safety improvements – all with an eye towards making necessary infrastructure improvements that will allow us to request a substantial reduction in future BRMCA Service District Levies.

Included in the plan ( which can be downloaded here ) are chip-coating roads in need of maintenance, installing guard rails in areas where multiple vehicles have left the road on Ridge and Sumney,  road way maintenance of ditches and culverts, road repairs, snow removal, and gravel barrel refilling.  The proposed guard rail locations are here.

Please read and review the documents, and send any comments you might have to