Reflective House Number Signs for Fire & Rescue…

Reflective House Number Signs for Fire & Rescue.

About four years ago, the BRMCA used a VA Dept. of Forestry grant to purchase reflective house signs to aid Fire and Rescue personnel. You probably have a sign or have seen neighbors with these reflective green signs marked with house numbers. These signs help Fire and Rescue quickly identify the residence in need of help, especially at night and during low visibility situations.

During the initial project, a local Boy Scout troop walked the roads and provided all residents in the Bull Run Mountain service district with these signs. While there was no cost (to the residents) for these signs, not everyone wanted one. This might still be the case. However, our clubhouse shed is full of leftover signs.

Let us know if you do not have a reflective house sign and are interested in one. We likely have a sign with your house number in our shed and can drop it off at your house.  Email us