Our long national nightmare is over… (almost)

Forwarded by BRMCA Board member Dan Stapleton.. 13177045_10209903431561466_2530801197509240591_n


Good  afternoon,

My name is Mohammad Ayyoubi and I am The Capital Projects Construction Manager. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, the community  and the commuters for their patience. Weather permitting, the contractor is scheduled to perform the following:

1.       Rough shoulder stones on Tuesday.
2.       Surface asphalt placements on Wednesday and Thursday
3.       Pavement markings on Friday
4.       Guardrail placements and miscellaneous construction activities on Monday
5.       Placement of additional shoulder stones on Tuesday and Wednesday.
6.        Permanent seedlings on Thursday.
7.       Remove detour signs on Friday.
8.       Open the road on Friday June 10th.

The project will be completed two and half month ahead of schedule. Please don’t hesitate to contact me  If you need any additional information.

Have great weekend and happy holiday

Mohammad (Mo) Ayyoubi
Capital Projects Construction Manager
Prince William County Department of Transportation
5 County Complex Court, Suite 290
Prince William, VA 22192
Phone (703) 792-7193
Fax (703) 792-7159
email:  mayyoubi@pwcgov.org