New Board Elected…

We hboard 3ave conducted the annual elections for the board and have elected four new members of the board.
First, I want to thank three of the retiring board members for their service: Dan Stapleton, Jason Ferron and Becky Fay. Their service to the community has been most appreciated.
We welcome back to the board JIm Price and recent member Paul Scheingold and new member Matt Roth to three years terms on the board. We also welcome Tim Harvilla to the board to serve a two-year term. I also want to thank Harold Wilkins for offering to serve on the board.
Our next board meeting will be 13 October at 12:00 at the Clubhouse, where we will elect officers and committee chairpersons.  As always, mountain residents are welcome to attend board meetings.

Glennn Cruickshank
President, BRMCA