Local History

Historic Buckland    From Prince William Living Magazine

Articles by John Toler, local historian and published in Haymarket Lifestyle Magazine. Use the link http://haymarketlifestyle.com/previous-issues.html and the following guide to find the topic and edition that interests you.

  • “The Bull Run Mountains” – December 2012 issue
  • “Waterfall: The village in the “Valley of Peace” – May 2011 issue
  • “The Battle of Thoroughfare Gap” – August 2012 issue
  • “Spreading the Word, Keeping the Faith, Antioch Baptist Church marks milestone anniversary” – September 2012 issue
  • “Haymarket High School, Fondly Remembered – March 2011 issue

Other historic articles about the surrounding area include:

  • “A Soldier and a Gentleman, Haymarket’s Col Edmund Berkeley” – February 2011 issue
  • “German immigrants who brought the first wineries to Western Prince William” – November 2010 issue
  • “The Tyler Family of Haymarket,  Part 1: George Grayson Tyler” – March 2012 issue
  • “The Tylers of Haymarket,  Part 2: An influential family in war and peace” – April 2012 issue
  • “A continuing labor of love” (historic Stepney Plantation) – October 2012 issue”