From the BRMCA Board…


Fellow residents, the BRMCA recently asked Prince William Public Works to perform some long overdue road repair and maintenance. For those of you who have been following the relationship between the BRMCA and the County over the past few years, relationsd5149eb6-fefe-490f-85bc-a2edfe399b51 seems to be thawing. After an encouraging meeting with Supervisor Candland’s new Chief of Staff in Mark Allen, we recommended the county perform routine maintenance and repair. Such work is long overdue as the county performed very limited road work during 2016. Fortunately, Mr. Allen ensured that the funds collected through our special tax levy rolled over to the current fiscal year. As a result, we recommended that the county perform road resurfacing on nearly all roads next spring.

Back to the topic at hand – We recently recommended the county perform long overdue road maintenance and repair, to include the clearing of debris from culverts and ditches, cutting of branches hanging over the roadway, filling of all gravel barrels (in advance of ice and snow storms), filling of potholes, and specific repairs sent to the Civic Association from residents. The county contractor is currently on the mountain performing such work and will be for roughly the next four weeks.

We are receiving comments from residents regarding the contractor cutting too far from the edge of the road, often removing bushes, ornamental plants, etc. Please keep in mind the Civic Association provided a general recommendation to clear debris from ditches and culverts and to cut branches hanging over the roadway. We do not authorize the work, nor do we provide the contractor with specific instructions. While these general actions need to be addressed in advance of winter, we understand the desire not to lose landscaping or valued natural vegetation, such as mountain laurels. You are welcome to reach out to the BRMCA and if you would like to ensure that portions of the vegetation along the road near your property is protected, please reach out directly to Pam at Public Works ( Pam is often on the mountain, has supported our community for years, and understands the need to find the balance between resident safety (on the roads) and keeping as much vegetation as possible.

Also, if there are any road repairs that will not be addressed via the recommendations listed above, please let us and/or Pam know. Addressing these items now, while the contractor is already on the mountain, will help avoid additional mobilization costs after the contractor removes his personnel and equipment from our community.