BRMCA Community Work Day a Huge Success!!


Working on the new roof

The BMRCA wants to thank the community volunteers who worked Saturday and Sunday, May 10-11 to put a new metal roof on the clubhouse and storage shed. This was a team effort, and we want to thank Paul Scheingold for organizing the effort and coordinating the purchase of the roofing materials, and thank Eric, Alan, Kendrick, Al, Tim, Matt, Enrico and Joe for their help. We also want to thank Michelle and Jeff who worked on cleaning up part of Logmill Road and the clubhouse while the roofing was going on. This effort saved us thousands of dollars in expenses and will help protect the clubhouse for many years to come.

Next up for the clubhouse is a new heat pump and air conditioner. Our old oil

Finished Product!

Finished Product!

furnace is too expensive to operate and we have no central air conditioning for summer time use. We hope to replace it all this summer. The BRMCA is currently accepting bids from local HVAC contractors who are interested in upgrading our heating and cooling system. Send an email to for more information.

Thanks again,

Glenn Cruickshank
President, BRMCA