BRMCA Board of Directors Vacancy

Neighbors, it is that time of year when the Bull Run Mountain Civic Association seeks nominees for the board of directors. If you are interested in joining the BRMCA board or have questions about the board, please reach out to us. Only requirements are that you are a paid BRMCA member; your primary residence is within BRM estates; and that only one resident per residence participates on the board.

The board is composed of nine resident volunteers who serve three-year terms. These terms are staggered, such that three positions go up for vote each year. This year, the board positions held by Josh Weinstein, Gene Suarez, and a currently vacant position are up for vote.

We will seek nominees through Facebook, email, and our website right up until our August 16th (7pm) meeting, after which we hope to have at least three nominees. We will then collect bios and advertise the nominees through Facebook, email, and our website. Current BRMCA members (one vote per residence) can vote on their top three nominees via our website until our Annual Meeting on September 20th (7pm).