BRM Winter Storm Parking Ban Proposed, Opposed

ap-aptopix-northeast-snow-4_3Recently a complaint was filed with  Prince William County Supervisor Candland’s office about parking on Bull Run Mountain. Specifically the person or persons asked the supervisor to ban parking at the intersections of Sumney and Youngs Drive, and Nelson Drive and Mountain Road. A number of officers and directors of the Bull Run Mountain Association met with the supervisor’s staff on February 12th to discuss the issue, and other road items.
Parking near those intersections has long been a mountain tradition and one of the mitigating factors for snow storms so that residents who live up the mountain can get to their cars prior to roads being plowed. At the meeting, the BRMCA members told the supervisor’s staff that they objected to a the proposed parking ban. The BRMCA does agree that cars that park right on the apex of the intersections do block snow plowing efforts, hinder visibility and cause intersection congestion, and that shouldn’t be allowed.  The BRMCA board believes cars that park safely off the road surface along Youngs Drive (near Sumney), along Mountain Road (near Nelson), and at several other road intersections should be allowed.
If you have an opinion on this issue, the BRMCA would urge you to contact Supervisor Candland’s office at 703-792-6195 or email at and let them know whether you support parking at these intersections or not. You can also make a comment at the supervisor’s web site at CC the board at with your views, and let your neighbors who might park at the bottom of the mountain know as well.
The board also allows short-term parking for those who live above Ridge Road at the clubhouse on Ridge. We do ask though that residents not block the circular driveway to the clubhouse, and reminds them that parking in the lower lot where our gravel supplies are kept is not allowed at any time.
Glenn Cruickshank
President, BRMCA