Important Request…

2016 snow-2-1The blizzard is over, please come get your cars.  About 25 residents used the newly-expanded parking lot at the BRMCA clubhouse on Ridge Road to park their cars during the storm. Now that the storm is over, and roads and driveways are being cleared, we need those residents who still have cars at the clubhouse to come get them.  We have an event this weekend and we need to get them out of the way to finish plowing, and to make room for the event parking.  Thank you for your cooperation.

This Blizzard is gonna be a big one…


Hunker down, this is going to be a real event.  For really good information go to the Capital Weather Gang, provided by the Washington Post.  They have named the storm “SnowZilla” which seems more appropriate than the offical name of Jonas.  If you want to see where the plows are VDOT Plows is a great site.  They have GPS transmitters on all the VDOT and Contractor Vehicles.  Check out the BRMCA Snow Page and remember that Youngs Drive and streets towards Mountain Road are plowed by VDOT and above Youngs the streets are plowed by a contractor hired by Prince William County and Coordinated by the BRMCA Roads Committee.  Some awesome Blizzard Survival Tips are here, courtesy of  hints:

1. Working flashlight

2. A charged cell phone

3. Battery powered radio or television

4. Extra food, water and medicine

5. First Aid Supplies

6. Heating fuel (or turn up the heat prior to the storm if your house uses electrical heat)

7. Emergency heating source

8. Fire extinguishers

9. Carbon monoxide and smoke detectors