New Meeting time and BRMCA Road Committee Charter…

clip-art-meeting-700008Fellow residents, the BRMCA will be meeting on a new day and time. Starting May 20th, we will meet on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 8pm at the clubhouse. Please consider attending and contributing to our discussions.

During our May meeting, we intend to discuss improvements to the clubhouse grounds. In particular, we plan to discuss if and how to improve the basketball court and the field (and path from the clubhouse to the field); how to best create a clubhouse parking lot; and what landscaping actions we can take to create some long-needed curb appeal. While we intend to perform as much labor as possible ourselves and with the help of volunteers, it is important to note that the money needed for these projects will come from the BRMCA account, not from our special tax levy (which is used only for road maintenance and snow removal).

guideline-clipart-education_clip_art1We also plan to discuss and vote upon the updated BRM Road Committee Charter. This charter will serve as the Road Committee’s operating document. While the document largely reflects what we already do, it separates the BRMCA Board of Directors and the Road Committee and, as a result, gives additional reliance upon and weight towards residents who take part in the Roads Committee. While the county has been relatively silent on this topic over the past few months, we did incorporate many of the points Supervisor Candland and his office put forward. We cannot predict if and when the county will readdress the Road Committee topic, but the BRMCA believes this updated charter reflects a solid compromise in that it preserves the community-run aspect and BRMCA involvement while integrating greater levels of transparency and openness to all residents. Please consider reading the Road Committee Charter and discussing your thoughts during our May 20th meeting.

Bull Run Mountain Roads Committee Roads Charter_BRMCA vfinalCharter can be downloaded by clicking on this hotlink…

Club House Break In…

Spring Break Trouble

When kids are growing up, there are times where they know their parents don’t know where they are, or what they are doing.crime-break-in
And when they grow to be parents themselves, there are times they won’t know where the kids are or what they are doing.

Wednesday, April 1, at around 1:30 pm there were a number of parents on the mountain who didn’t know where their kids were or what they were doing. This is not an April Fools joke.

We do. Two youths about 10-14 years old had broken into the clubhouse. They were interrupted in whatever they were doing before they caused any damage past that to the door. They ran off east towards Mountain Road, probably to change their underwear when they got home.

This is spring break week, and there are probably more than a few unattended kids on the mountain.

We’d ask the parents to have that preventative discussion with their kids this week about burglary and vandalism, rather than the tougher discussion after they pick them up at the police station. It’s breaking into the clubhouse today, into someones home tomorrow, and getting caught later.

Please, have that talk today.