Snow update…

article-2261619-16F06B10000005DC-552_634x504We are forecasted to get between 2 to 4 inches of snow, with the heaviest snowfall occurring between 3-8am. We will be monitoring the roads throughout the night. The current plan, per the VDOT guidelines we must adhere to, is to mobilize the county contractor once we reach three inches and appear likely to reach four inches, which is when the contractor will begin plowing. After the contractor has plowed and the snow has stopped, he will spread gravel. Less than four inches and the contractor will not plow, but spread gravel. However, we will work with the county rep as even just a couple of inches makes the steep sections of our roads quite dangerous.
Be safe.

BRMCA roads snow removal status…

Snow around BillericayOur roads POC, Matt, is working with Public Works and the county contractor to ensure the snow is cleared throughout the night. The plan is to mobilize the contractor once we reach three inches and start plowing once we reach four inches, then continue until it stops snowing tomorrow morning. After the snow ends and the contractor is finished plowing, he will spread a thick layer of gravel, which we had delivered to the clubhouse staging area this morning.

Please let us know of any issues or concerns throughout and after this storm. Also, if you venture out, consider taking a shovel and making use of the gravel barrels.

Just FYI for VDOT Roads you can see current road plowing status here

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Paint Party…

BRM residents, please consider helping paint the inside of our community clubhouse on Sunday, February 22nd.Orange Man Paint Roller-01 [Converted]

Last summer, we replaced the heating and air conditioning, re-shingled the roof, and cleared dead trees and brush from the grounds. Over the past few months, we have replaced some of the light fixtures and the hot water heater. We are currently rearranging the kitchen and could use your help painting the inside of the clubhouse. And we have additional exterior projects planned this spring and summer.

Why are we making a push to clean the exterior and renovate the interior of our clubhouse? Because the community should have access to a clubhouse we can all take pride in. A clubhouse that visually fits the mountain; a clubhouse where all amenities are in working order; and a clubhouse that is suited to host events, from craft camps to wedding receptions.

Please consider helping us paint on Sunday, February 22nd. We will be conducting our monthly BRMCA meeting starting at 11:30 and ending around 1 to 1:30. Every resident is welcome to attend and participate in the discussion, which includes road topics. We could use volunteers to help with the cut-in and prep work around 10 a.m. and volunteers to help paint after the meeting ends around 1 to 1:30. Pizza and drinks will be provided. All you need to bring are grubby clothes. Please bring a step ladder if you have one as we intend to paint the ceiling.

Also, please note our service district tax dollars are not used to pay for clubhouse renovation costs; they come from member’s dues.