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We must not forget, especially if you live on the mountain, the images of Southern California wild fires.  Fire trucks screaming around, hills and mountains engulfed in giant walls of flame, dire weather forecasts, and the inevitable interviews with exhausted fire fighters and devastated homeowners at the site of what was once their home, but is now just a smoldering foundation.  Thankfully that can’t happen here on our mountain, but don’t assume that so fast skippy.  It can.

If you click here you will get the results of a risk assessment done by the Virginia Department of Forestry on our little community of 450 homes and we have the HIGHEST risk score available.  Thanks to Becky Fay we are now part of a program to reduce that risk and be better prepared should all the conditions line up against us.  We are faced with the kinds of serious dangers like our brothers and sisters in Southern California and other parts of the country face.

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BRMCA Evacuation Guide

The BRMCA is actively involved with our partners, the Prince William Department of Fire and Rescue, the Virginia Department of Forestry and the National Forest Service to reduce our risk, and at the same time prepare for the worst.  The most essential element in this program though, is you.

You need to do a personal risk assessment of your property.

You need to prepare for the worst and have your personal evacuation plan prepared and rehearsed.

You need to send us the hours you spend reducing risk so we can apply your time to the Firewise grant process.  The grants will allow us to reduce fuel loads, monitor danger conditions, enhance access for our local fire fighting forces, manage our meager water resources, educate all of us about the dangers and of course get out when conditions warrant education.

You need to read all about the program here so you can do your part as a member of the community.  If we’re not part of the solution, then we very well may be part of the problem.

BRMCA Firewise Team



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