PWC Fire and Rescue offers and outstanding service to us….

A note from the PWC Fire & Rescue:

Greeting residents. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Lt. Chad Briggs and I work for Prince William County Department of Fire & Rescue, as well as the Virginia Department of Forestry. I have recently taken over the management of the “Fire Wise Community” program for Bull Run Estates.

Engine 591

As you may be aware this program was created to help communities lessen catastrophic loss of lives and property during a forest fire. The Bull Run Estates program was started in 2007 as a joint venture with Prince William County Department of Fire & Rescue and the Virginia Department of Forestry to do just that. In past years the Bull Run Estates Community has been awarded grants for projects such as road improvements, and brush reduction.

On June 4, 2017, the Northern Virginia Wildland Firefighting Crew, which operates under the Department of Forestry, would like to offer a service free of charge to any resident. This service is known as a ”Structural Triage” assessment, which consists of members of our fire crew coming to your residence and walking around your property with your permission and filling out an 8 page rating assessment. This assessment rates a property and the structures present on its survivability chances in the event a forest fire impinges upon it.  Once the assessment is complete it is then presented to the resident for them to make any improvements listed in the assessment if they so wish. Again there is no charge for this service to residents.

If you would like to sign up for this service, which will be conducted between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm on June 4, 2017, please e-mail me by mid-night on June 2, 2017 at the e-mail address below.

Thank you, and have a safe day.

Lieutenant Chad Briggs, Prince William County Fire/Rescue,

A follow-up note from the BRMCA Board:

The service offered above will generate an assessment that stays with you only. The assessment is not maintained within any county system, nor is it provided to insurance companies. Also, receiving this service is purely voluntary. That said, the BRMCA, PWC Fire & Rescue, and PWC Service Authority worked together to install a new fire hydrant on Sumney Road. We are hoping to install another two hydrants in the next few months. These hydrants will supplement the initial response tanker with one or two refills, buying them time before additional tankers arrive and start rotating tankers to our fire pond or the Long Park refill station. Your home insurance cost might already account for the fire pond. Worth a call though, as a certain proximity to the fire pond or the new hydrants could reduce your home insurance costs.

Community Pot Luck Picnic…

A community potluck picnic will be held May 20th at 1 pm at the lower lot of the clubhouse, when the PW County Fire and Rescue Evergreen Station will be in attendance. Children can explore the firetruck and all can learn about forest fire prevention. This will be the annual Firewise meeting as well, where land owners can learn what they can do to prevent wildfires on the mountain.

Picnic Details:  Saturday May 20th 1:00 to 4:00 pm Potluck Community Picnic at community center, 1811 Ridge Road.   Building will be open for bathrooms, but all activities will be on the lawn, which located on the lower level from the clubhouse.

Things to bring;
Lawn chairs and/or blankets to sit on.
Outdoor games that you have at home and your children enjoy doing.
Whiffle ball, bat and gloves would be great!
Table Cloth
Paper plates and plastic forks/spoons/knives, enough for your family.
Cooler with ice to keep all your things chilled
Drinks: if you want to drink other than water

Jim Price, has graciously taken on the role of being the hot dog chef for the day.
BRMCA will be providing the hot dogs, buns, condiments, and bottled water… with community residents filling out the rest of the menu, but please bring enough to share.

Following is suggestion for what each family can bring so we won’t have too many duplicates, listed with the start of last names, but if you have a favorite go-to-dish……..

A – H    Potato Salad, cake, corn bread muffins,tomato salad

I – O     Chips and dips, Green Salad, veggie platter, pasta salad

O – Z    Cookies, Macaroni salad, grapes,  Deviled eggs, jelly beans

A – Z     Refreshments that you and your family enjoy.

Please read list twice, so you don’t forget anything!