Road Work Results

Annual BRMCA Meeting Report…

The Bull Run Mountain Civic Association held its annual members meeting Monday, September 10. The board conducted the election of three board members by opening and counting the 29 ballots which were returned by BRMCA members. Elected to three-terms were Alan Bradburd, Deborah Buckingham and Glenn Cruickshank. The board postponed election of officers until the October 21st 11 a.m. board meeting so that all directors could be present. The board also discussed the status of the Roads Committee and will set the members of that board at the January 2013 meeting, in accordance with the Road Maintenance Agreement with the County.

Mountain residents will likely notice that the county is performing road maintenance on our roads. The county contractor has been patching potholes, cleaning ditches and doing other repairs. In the next week or so, they will be adding layers of tar-and-chip to several roads, including North Jackson, North Lookout, Sumney and Ridge Road (that's the plan). Part of this work is new work on roads which were left off the original tar-and-chip project 5 years ago, and the other roads are part of a regular maintenance of the chip coat on high-traffic road sections. The county will be doing priority chip coat areas this fall, and then as more maintenance money is available after January 2013, they will be re-coating other priority roads on the mountain.

The county will soon be making the final payment on the bond which funded the chip coating project for all the mountain roads. With the bond paid off, this will leave more money from the service district fee that residents pay for maintenance work. It is the goal of the BRMCA board and the County Public Works department to have an aggressive maintenance program for the next several years to catch up on a maintenance backlog that resulted because most of the service district fee went to pay off the bond. The board has stated at numerous public forums that they intend to review the maintenance status of the roads and when that work is largely caught up, would recommend to the county that they review the service district levy rate and make adjustments as necessary.

Safe driving,

Glenn Cruickshank

President, BRMCA

BRMCA Annual Meeting Set!!!!

The annnual meeting of the members of the Bull Run Civic Association will be held Monday, September 11 at 8 pm at the clubhouse.  This meeting is open only to members of the BRMCA (ie, those who have paid their 2012 membership dues).  During this meeting, the board will count ballots from the election and declare the winners for the three open board of directors seats.  The board will also conduct their normal monthly meeting and will review the status of ongoing mountain road repairs. 

Click here for the meeting Agenda

Residents may have noticed some amount of construction going on, and they will see much more in the next month or so.  Thanks to a $7,500 grant from the State of Virginia Forestry Department Firewise program, the BRMCA were able to create three emergency vehicle turn-arounds within our road right-of-way on the mountain at the ends of Judy Terrace, Warburton and on Ridge Road.  These graveled areas are for emergency use only — parking is not allowed, and cars found parked in these areas will be towed.
There are more road repairs planned.  The Prince William County contractor has been cleaning ditches and repairing potholes on some of the roads, and will be repairing them on all roads.  After that is complete, we are planning on adding a new layer of chip coat to sections of Ridge Road, Smithy and Gore where the original chip coating is growing thin.  The county is also planning on chip coating sections of North Jackson and North Lookout at the same time.
One of the reasons for more road repair this year is because the BRMCA and county has finally paid off the bond that paid for the original chip coating of mountain roads.  This has freed up additional funds for much-needed road repairs.
 We hope to see all the members at the meeting.
Glenn Cruickshank