BRMCA Playground

BRMCA Playground Creation

The Playground Committee is a group of volunteers with the goal of creating a playground beside the BRMCA community center and the basketball court.  The committee is open to all residents who live on Bull Run Mountain, Haymarket, and the surrounding community.

The Playground Committee is extremely active, coordinating many activities including:

  • Requirements for permits and insurance
  • Researching and applying for grants
  • Holding fundraising activities
  • Obtaining quotes to determine total costs
  • Collecting feedback from the community
  • Coordinating with the BRMCA board

The goal is to create a playground within the next two years (no later than 2020), adding to it as funds allow.  The BRMCA board will be handling all money earned by the playground committee.

 If for some unforeseen reason the playground can’t be built, collected funds will be used for activities/improvements at the community center.

If you’d like to donate to the playground fundraising effort, please use this PayPal link to the right, which is specifically for playground donations.

If you’re willing to help with the playground activities, even if you can’t join the committee, help is always needed.  Please contact Sarah Myers at and we will reach out with opportunities.

Thank you BRM residents: the September Playground Fundraiser was a SUCCESS!!

The playground committee did a fantastic job with this fundraiser and their hard work paid off. They exceeded their goal of raising $1000 by 60%!  We will be having a spring yard sale in just 6 months so…. start putting aside or organizing any items you would like to donate in the spring.